*  Full Pasture Boarding
Almost 100 acres of grass pasture with 5 miles of horse fence. Plus automatic waterers that are heated in the winter.
Full care stalls are available upon request.
We can customize care for your horse's needs.
*  Hay Feeders
Hay feeders provide 24 hour free choice hay in the winter months.
*  Special Needs
Temporary paddocks or round pens can be used for Lay-ups, Rehabilitation or Special Needs.
*  Our beliefs on pasture board
We believe that the most natural setting for a horse is to live outside year round. When provided shelter and/or wind breaks, fresh water and continuous grazing or hay, a horse can live as they were created. Our horses have free exercise, plenty of sunshine, fresh air and much needed socialization. We limit the number of horses per pasture in accordance to the experts which under most common conditions recommend at least 2 - 3 acres per horse.  
*  Our beliefs on feeding hay
A horse is a continuous grazer, the winter months are no different. It is recommended that for every 10 degrees below freezing hay should be increased by 10%, remember digestion increases a horse's body warmth and digesting roughage is greater and lasts longer than that obtained from  concentrates (grains).  By providing free choice hay, the horse will increase his intake on his own. By the way, we never limit the amount of hay a horse can eat, hay is always fed free choice in the winter months and in the stall. Hay should never be rationed. 
*  Our beliefs on stall boarding
There are certain circumstances when a horse cannot be out on full pasture board and needs stall board.  During these circumstances we provide full care and do not offer partial care. In this way, we can monitor the horse's care and assure that the horse has food and water at all times and a sanitary environment. 

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We do not provide opportunities for partial or self board care boarding
*  Fees
*  Stall Boarding available