Twin Creeks Trail
Twin Creeks Trail Map & Rules
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This is a co-operative effort.
You must participate in at least one trail work day per year and follow
 Twin Creeks’ rules in order to get permission to ride the trails. 
Work Day - June 25, 2022
   9:00 am - 12:30 pm
 Trail Work Days

Meet at Trail M Boarding & Guest Farm
1917/1921 Cuba Rd, Wilmington, OH

Work distributed at 9:00 am 

No lunch this year, maybe next year

Bring gloves, Trimmers, Chain Saws

?’s Call Bobby  -  937-527-6788 or email at

Due to the number of riders that have been utilizing the trails, the trails are being closed any time that it rains and re-opened when the trails are dry.
When trails are open, however, please respect the trails.
If your horse is leaving hoof prints, the area is too wet to ride -  DO NOT RIDE
The only way to maintain the beautiful trails is to take care of 
them, just like your yards. If your horse would leave hoof prints
 in your yard, it is too wet to ride. 
Riders that trailer in - there is a sign telling if the trails are open or closed.
If you would like added to a group text in regards to the trail clean up, text Colleen at 937-527-6787
Send text to 937-527-6787 to be added to a group text when trail conditions change